How We Calculate Our Offers

How We Calculate Our Offers

How and why we can offer you more than any other buyer 

We are providing you with several options to consider with different prices and terms. 

As professional home buyers, we can pay you all cash if you were not in a position to consider taking back a real estate note secured by the property. However, as with other investors paying all cash, we would need to buy at a discounted price to make a profit due to the cost of raising the cash from our network of nationwide money partners. 

The advantage for you is we do not intend to “flip” your property but instead buy and hold long-term. Therefore we take into account property appreciation and market rent increases over time. The longer you can wait for some of your equity the more we can offer you when selling today. 

In a nutshell, our prices to you are calculated on: 

To protect our money partners, you, and ourselves, we carefully and meticulously crunch all of our numbers and only make promises we are confident we can keep. In a sense, we start in the future and work backward. Considerations include:

1. Projected value of the property at the end of the note term

The longer you go on a note the higher price we can offer. 

2. Cash now we need to buy, fix up and occupy

The less cash we need the higher price and monthly payment we can offer.

3. Cash flow from rents net after all monthly expenses

The most we offer as a monthly note payment is our net cash flow. If you want to collect less and leave us with some positive cash flow then it can increase our offer price.

4. Interest on your note

We can pay any interest rate you want. However, we can demonstrate how you will normally save on taxes by accepting a higher price versus higher interest. The monthly payment is limited to our net cash flow so increasing the interest would not increase your monthly payment. It is usually best to get a higher price since real estate capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than interest income, or not taxed at all. The interest we offer is calculated at current rates published by the IRS each month. 

5. Costs of taxes, insurance, vacancies, maintenance, repairs, and management

We incorporate professional property management and tenant incentive programs to reduce our expenses. You benefit from a higher monthly note payment and sales price. 

6. Cash later to you as a balloon payment due at maturity

This amount is determined by the price, down payment, monthly payment, and interest rate. While a normal mortgage is 30 years, we instead prefer to offer 9, 12, or 15 years with a balloon payment due at the end.

7. Profit target we seek by end of the note term.

This is a fixed amount based on the term of your note. At the end of the term, we are prepared to sell or refinance the property to pay you off in full.

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