9 Benefits of Selling

9 Benefits You Can Enjoy

We buy houses. And each month we seek to buy more homes here in the surrounding local area. Consider our offer before trying to sell it on your own or through a real estate agent. Some of the benefits we can help you enjoy when selling include

Any offer we make you is guaranteed for 7 days

Allowing you to think about it, get family or professional advice, or explore your other options. We don’t even mind if you shop our offer around. If you can get a better deal– take it!

1. Close on the Date of Your Choice

Trying to coordinate a sale with a buyer’s ability to close can be frustrating. Unlike other home buyers, we won’t be moving into your property. What if you get fortunate and find a buyer, but then they.

And what if you ‘e not ready to sell or move when your buyer is wanting to close?  You can avoid all these challenges when we buy your property… closing whenever you want… whether it’s next week or 3 months from now. If fact, we can close right away to get you your cash proceeds now and then let you to stay for as long as you need.  

2. Avoid Fix Up, Repair or Remodeling Expenses

We can buy your property as is. There’s no need to spend time and money doing improvements just to please a picky buyer, or to sell faster, or to get a higher price. We can buy your property quickly and for top dollar without you going through this trouble or expense.

3. Avoid Marketing and Selling Costs

We can quickly make you an offer and handle all the paperwork prior to turning it over to a closing agent. We do not charge any fees or commissions. You’ll save on holding costs if you property is vacant and advertising costs if selling on your own “by owner.”

If you’re currently under contract to sell with a real estate agent then you’ll be obligated to pay your agent if we buy while the listing agreement is active. There’s no need to pay a real estate agent to find you a buyer when you’ve already found us on your own. If needed, we can close after your agreement has expired with your agent. 

4. Sell Quickly and Easily for Top Dollar

The quickest and easiest way to sell you property for top dollar is to have us buy it. Unlike other investors, we’re professional home buyers with a long-term “buy and hold” approach. We can usually offer you a sale price higher than you could ever hope to get from any other buyer.

Avoid the costs, competition, uncertainty and inconvenience of selling your property.

Why market your home to find a buyer when we might already be the buyer you’re looking for? 

5. We Buy All Types of Residential Real Estate

6. Overcome Challenges of Selling Investment Property

Selling a rental unit, income property or vacant house can be a little more challenging then selling a home you live in. We offer great solutions if you want to sell without disturbing existing tenants or occupants… and get top dollar without doing repairs or remodeling. We can also show you ways to avoid or delay a potential tax liability or generate reliable monthly real estate income without landlording headaches.

7. Convert Your Entire Portfolio into Cash or Passive Income

Do you own multiple properties? At some point you may decide it’s time to turn the fruits of your savvy investing and labor into cash or income for more time freedom. We specialize in working with retiring landlords, family estates and inherited properties. There’s no limit to the number of properties we can buy due to our national alliance with investment and money partners. Let us help you

8. Find a New Home before Selling

Many of the sellers we buy from are downsizing, upsizing, relocating or seeking a fresh new start. We normally have several homes available (or coming up soon) for sale or for rent. So we might also be able to trade properties.

9. Learn What Your Property is Worth

After doing some research on recent comparable sales and inspecting the property, we’ll gladly share our home value analysis with you. After that we can tell you what we think the property is worth, and what we can pay you, many times more than full market value. 

Our offers are based on the current market value, housing market trends, our plans for the property. Buy due to our long-term buy and hold approach we also consider projected future value and rent increases which can push up our offer price to very attractive levels.

If we don’t both agree on the value, that’s OK. We can always buy based on and acceptable independent certified appraisal. If our offer is not acceptable, that’s OK too. Our deal has to make sense for both of us. Sure, we need to make a profit, but we’re in a position where we can wait many years for it. 

Our property value analysis reveals: 

Armed with this type of knowledge, you’ll can more easily decide whether you want to sell to us or list with an agent, or sell on your own, or maybe even wait and sell later.

Sell Your Indianapolis House Fast With Zero Fees Or Commissions.