5 Benefits of Seller Financing

Benefits of Seller Financing

Consider selling above market value and avoid traditional transaction costs before settling for less

1. Cash now at the closing

Whatever down payment option you choose means cash to you at closing. As you will see, the less cash you want or need at closing the more we can offer.

2. Cash flow each month

If you sold your property for all cash and were not in a position to take some of your equity in a seller carryback real estate note, then the question is how much less would net after traditional selling costs? Then what type of safe return could you get on those net proceeds?

The advantage of note income is it’s passive. You simply receive a reliable payment each month. And by doing so you get a higher sales price and avoid the most common selling costs. The net difference between what you might net traditionally and the price we agree on is a sizable premium which represents a reward for financing some or all of your equity.

If you are doing any estate planning, it might be more desirable to pass on a real estate note with a reliable, passive income stream than a property that needs to be sold or managed.

3. Cash later balloon payment

Your seller carryback note will have a maturity date after an agreed number of years. The unpaid balance on the maturity date becomes due and payable. This is a nice “nest egg” you can count on, protected by a lien on the property, which you can look forward to or pass on to your heirs. 

4. Higher sales price

If you decide you like the benefits of seller financing then you can choose one of our premium price offers. As you will see, the longer you are willing to go, or the less money down you require, the higher price we can offer you today. 

5. Tax benefits of an installment sale

Selling any home you have lived in 2 out of the last 5 years usually qualifies for tax-free gains of $250,000, or $500,000 if married. If you have capital gains from selling an investment property you can defer much of the taxes due on the gain, spread out over the term of the seller carryback note.

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