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American Dream Homes & Investments LLC is one of the top Indianapolis, Indiana real estate investing teams because we love the city we work in, make fair offers and get homeowners what they need without wasting any time.

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We’re particularly proud of just how many homeowners we help out of a bad situation… When you need to sell fast whether it’s because of bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, probate, tired of being a landlord or any other reason, we are here to help you fast.

The most popular way we help homeowners sell fast is by making a lightning fast, all-cash, no strings attached, hassle free offer.

The process is super fast and super simple. If you’re interested or want to know more, call us RIGHT NOW (317) 648-1963.

Thinking about selling your house the traditional way?

Listing w/ An Agent Selling To Us
Commissions & Fees: The Seller Pays 6% (on average) No Commisions & No Fees
Closing Costs: The Seller Pays 2% (on average) We Pay ALL Closing Costs
Days Until Sold: 68 Days To Sell (on average) Get An Offer TODAY
Who Pays For Costs Of Repairs? Negotiated During Inspection Period We Will Cover ALL Repair Costs
Closing Date After Offer Is Accepted: 30 To 60 Days To Close (on average) You Pick The Day

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Custom Solutions for Your Property Sale

After looking through the numbers which option sounds like it benefits you more and fits your situation?

We saw this over and over again, people that needed to sell their house but the traditional way just didn’t fit their situation in terms of time and money.

Listing with an agent was going to take too long and take too much of their money… not to mention all the other fees and closing costs. By the time they actually made it to the closing day they found themselves several months behind where they needed to be and with less money they thought the house was worth.

If that’s something you’re worried about happening to you, then we’re the team for you.

That’s why we started this company was to come in and help people with any property in any condition, in any situation.